Mario Lopez interviews Katy Perry for “Extra” TV
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Pop sensation Katy Perry’s second fragrance line, Meow, hits Nordstrom’s exclusively, and the singer revealed to “Extra’s” Mario Lopez where her love of cats originated. “It stems from cat hate, actually. I didn’t really understand cats until my first cat, Kitty Purry, walked into my life and wouldn’t leave.”

The spunky songstress continued, “I started to realize I think women are like cats. They want to be loved on their own time; they want people to earn their affection. And they won’t meet you at the door unless you’re really nice.”

Perry, who recently celebrated a one-year anniversary with husband Russell Brand, gushed, “We just stayed home because a lot of our life exists out in the open. So we just wanted to have that moment to ourselves.”

She added, “We ride bikes a lot… we’re pretty normal… is that okay?”

Katy’s faithful fans enthusiastically lined up at The Grove to see the curvaceous beauty — who made a grand entrance on the trolley, and laughed, “It was pretty intense… I like to do big entrances!”

Katy Perry Is MTV’s Artist Of The Year!
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In 2011, no one shined as brightly as Katy Perry. It’s hard to think back on the past 12 months without getting one of her songs stuck in your head.

As MTV’s Artist of the Year, Katy found success by unapologetically being herself. She sang about aliens, her foggy memories of house parties, lost love, true love, being yourself and everything in between. It’s easy for fans to connect to Perry and her music: She’s an open book. And in 2011, she turned a few more pages.

Riding high off the success of 2010’s Teenage Dream, Perry didn’t rest on her laurels. Instead, she set the bar even higher by hitting the road on the California Dreams Tour, where night after night, decked out in candy-colored clothes, she belted out her greatest hits and empowered her fans with tracks like “Firework.” That anthem, originally released late last year, became so ubiquitous this year that it finds itself at #10 on MTV’s Best Songs of 2011 list.

Visually, she always wanted to keep us guessing. She continually made music videos that were cinematic, tickling our funny bones at times (see: “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)”) and leaving us nostalgic at others (see: “The One That Got Away”).

In August, she took home the VMA for Video of the Year for — you guessed it — “Firework.” Perry told the audience at the show, “I feel like I am doing something right when I sing that song. So thanks to everyone who helped to create it.” That same night, she also nabbed the Moonman for Best Collaboration for her Kanye West-assisted track, “E.T.”

Perry is one of the new millennium’s biggest pop stars, and she matched some of pop’s greatest icons on the charts this year. She tied Billboard records previously held by Michael Jackson and later one held by Janet Jackson and George Michael by having so many hit singles off one album.

But we weren’t just talking about Perry’s music this year. She made us giggle with an LOL-worthy hosting stint on “SNL” and made her big-screen debut voicing the iconic Smurfette in “The Smurfs.” Offscreen, she’s proved to be the kind of girl that can laugh off rumors that she’s pregnant and getting divorced. She’s loud, cool and a real girl’s girl.

It’s no easy task to sum up Katy Perry’s year. And all those accomplishments make it clear that she’s our girl. What would 2011 have been without Katy? It’s a 2011 we want nothing to do with.

Barbara Walters’ 2011 Fascinating People interview with Katy Perry
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Some of the year’s biggest stars opened up to Barbara Walters for her annual special, “The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2011.” Watch below the interview with Katy Perry aired last night at 9:30 p.m. ET on ABC.

Russell Brand Discusses Rumors About His Marriage
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This epically funny man addressed rumors about splitting with his wife, Katy Perry. They’re staying together ’til death do they part, but then Russell turned the tables on Ellen and came up with 5 rumors he’s heard about her!

Don’t believe on everything you read around the web! Katy and Russell are still strong.

Audio: Elvis Duran interviews Katy Perry in Manchester
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As promised, here’s the interview of Katy for Elvis Duran and the morning show yesterday in Manchester, England. Listen!

Katy Perry’s interview for the Xtra Factor
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Katy Perry ‘Freshening Up’ Unreleased Songs
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She may still be releasing tracks off Teenage Dream thanks to her latest single, ”The One That Got Away,” but Katy Perry is already hard at work on some other super-special, top-secret musical project.

Producer Tricky Stewart, who worked with Perry on threeTeenage Dream songs, is back at work with the California Gurl herself, prepping some music with the singer. “Katy and I went into [the studio] just to address some issues with records that we had done in the past that didn’t end up going on Teenage Dream,” he told MTV News. “So we are in the process of just listening and freshening up things and getting ready for something special she has going on.”

What is it that she is readying? Well, Stewart doesn’t exactly know, or maybe he just doesn’t want to say. “I don’t know what it is, but I know she has something going on because she wants to be in the studio,” he said. “So that’s good. … I can tell you that Katy likes the studio again; that’s always a good thing.”

While he couldn’t shed much light on the project itself, he did reveal the name of the song. “This song is really special. It’s called ‘Dressing Up,’ so it’s going to be a big record, I think,” he said. “It definitely fits. It’s right there in what her sensibilities are as a musician and a songwriter. She doesn’t change much. She has a very keen musical taste. It’ll be really good.

The music they are working on is using some leftovers from their Teenage Dream sessions. And they hope to finally put that magic out into the world. “We always knew that the records we created were special [and] at the time it was more contractual obligation [that they didn’t make the record],” he explained, noting all the success the singer has experienced with the record, which includes five #1 songs. “I can only have so many songs produced by me on the record. She didn’t need to have extra songs at the same time.”

Source: MTV

Katy Perry explains why VMAs are ‘funnest’ show
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Get More: 2011 VMA, Music

‘You just want to watch a spectacle, you want to watch what goes down,’ Video of the Year winner tells MTV News.

As anyone watching the MTV VMAs over the years can attest — anything can happen. And Sunday evening’s action-packed broadcast did not disappoint. There was Gaga in drag, Chris Brown flying on wires, Beyoncé making her baby announcement and general electricity in the air around L.A.’s Nokia Theatre.

“Anything can happen during the VMAs,” Video of the Year winner Katy Perry told MTV News. “It’s definitely just the funnest awards show of the whole gamut, of all the awards shows. The VMAs are like a f—ing monkey out of hell awards show,” she laughed. “You just want to watch a spectacle, you want to watch what goes down and I think so many different sparks fly creatively.”

Speaking of sparks flying, romantic moments are fast becoming a trademark of the big show, whether it’s a couple meeting there for the first time and, as in Perry and Russell Brand’s case, getting married, or teen royalty like Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez sharing a kiss or two.

“People feel like they can be themselves,” Perry explained of the VMA vibe. “So, if sparks fly creatively, I’m sure they’re flying romantically as well.”

It’s not surprising that the “Teenage Dream” singer is a fan of the Video Music Awards, considering she not only got a husband out of the deal but also a couple Moonmen. Going into Sunday night, Perry was nominated in nine categories and picked up two trophies for Video of the Year and Best Collaboration.

P.S. She was also awarded on the category “Best Special Effects” by the work on her music video “E.T.”.

Source: MTV

Exclusive: Katy Perry Responds to Making Hot 100 History
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It isn’t every day a recording artist scores their fifth No. 1 single off an album, and with “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.),” Katy Perry knows she’s made a “small piece of history.” In an exclusive statement to Billboard, Perry stands in awe of her fans for helping her match Michael Jackson’s record and become the first woman to hit this Hot 100 milestone.

Hitting No. 1 is always a great moment, but when it turns into a small piece of history, you’re reminded of how many millions of people are connected to each other by even one tiny event,” she says. “Thank you to everyone who helped make this happen. Ever since I was 9 years old, singing into my hairbrush, I’ve dreamed very big dreams, but today is bigger than my dreams. What a nice first birthday present for ‘Teenage Dream’!

The hit parade that is “Teenage Dream” was released Aug. 24 of last year and “Friday'”s Hot 100 coronation follows No. 1s for “California Gurls,” the title track, “Firework” and “E.T.”

Only Michael Jackson’s “Bad” produced as many chart leaders, putting Perry into royal company in the annals of the 53-year-old Hot 100 chart.

Get the full rundown on Perry’s road to Hot 100 history here.

Source: Billboard

Katy Perry Thought It Would Be Cool To Have Rebecca Black To Makeover Kathy Beth Terry [AUDIO]
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Katy Perry called into “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” from her hometown of Santa Barbara on Monday morning to chat about “California Dreams” tour, her latest single and Tom Cruise.

Katy loves performing in her hometown, saying “it just feels like wearing a big snuggie. It is really warm and cozy.” Last night in Santa Barbara concert goers got to experience the wonderland of energy, colors and candy. Katy says “If you don’t like kittens, cotton candy or colors…get out!

Fans no doubt enjoyed her performance of her latest hit “Last Friday Night,” which is the fifth hit off her Teenage Dream album. Katy tells us that “Last Friday Night” was actually written almost word for word in Santa Barbara after a debaucherous. So, what is true and what is not true? “Not the Menage-a-tois part, but definitely skinny dipping in the dark,” Katy confirms.

Katy channels her inner teenage nerd in the video for the ultra-fun “Last Friday Night.” The video features an all-star cast of the most random cameos including viral video star Rebecca Black. “I just though it would be so cool to have Rebecca Black makeover Kathy Beth Terry. I think she is great. What she did is really just very pop culture,” Katy says.

Recently Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes showed up at one of Katy’s shows, “It was exciting and very fun. Russell [Brand] had just finished wrapping a movie with them called “Rock of Ages.” So, he has become friends with Tom and he invited him to the show and Russell came as well, it was really a love fest of sorts.”