Katy Perry graces ‘InStyle’ magazine (October)
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Katy Perry lands the latest cover of InStyle Magazine where the two discuss her influences, fashion sense & more. The first photoshoot since she got a bright pink hair!

“The different shade of Katy Perry. Her songs are brilliant ear candy, her costumes genius eye candy. But there’s more to Katy Pery than lollipops and easter-egg hair. The pop queen is actually a stealth homebody, a self-conscious millionaire, and a woman who will not be messed with.”
- Lizzie Widdicome.

Photographer: Jenny Gage & Tom Betterton
Hair: Ben Skervin
Makeup: Jake Biley
Style by Laura Ferrara
Katy Perry wore: Dolce & Gabbana, Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton, Oscar de la Renta.

Plastic Dreams Magazine S/S 2011 Scans
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Thanks to kroqjock, we have finally uploaded high quality scans of the Plastic Dreams magazine Spring/Summer 2011 issue featuring Katy on the cover. This Brazilian magazine (released last year in Brazil) was reprinted and given away as a free insert with issues of V-Magazine #71 (with Lady Gaga on the cover). Absolutely love this beautiful photoshoot!

+ Magazines & Scans from 2011 > Plastic Dreams [Spring/Summer]

Scans: Us Weekly magazine special Katy Perry
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Katy-Perry.net is glad bring you amazing pictures from the special Us Weekly september edition: Katy Perry! The scans contains unseen photos from Perry’s childhood – and a behind the scenes from her ‘California Dreams’ world tour promo.

Those pictures were kindly donated ONLY to our site by Samantha, an amazing KatyCat. Follow her on twitter! Enjoy them.

+ Magazines & Scans > 2011 > Us Weekly [September 29th, 2011] scans by Samantha


‘US Weekly’ releases a special Katy Perry magazine!
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Via MTV Buzzworthy Blog:

The folks over at Us Weekly released a special “bookazine” (it’s not a book, not yet a magazine, i guess), featuring none other than my most favoritest pop star in the world, Katy Perry. It’s called All About Katy Perry, it’s $9.99 and it features never-before-seen baby photos of Katy. Plus it reveals 15 facts that you probably never ever ever knew about Mrs. Russell Brand. While I won’t give away the entire list, here are five gems including Katy’s doppelgänger, Zooey Deschanel, her “Jersey Shore” obsession and her personal hygiene/farting habits.

1.) Katy Hearts Zooey: Katy Perry is fully aware of the fact that she looks a lot like indie starlet Zooey Deschanel. (We called this three years ago, by the way.) “I think she’s hot,” says Perry. “So does that make me hot?” Yep, Katy. It does.

2.) Oral Hygiene Is VERY Important To Katy Perry: Nobody likes pesky plaque buildup, but according to her stylist Johnny Wujek, it bothers Katy Perry a little bit more than the rest of us. “Katy is obsessed with brushing her teeth,” says Johnny. Fine. Call her OCD all you want, but Katy’s teeth look pretty stellar to us.

3.) Katy Perry Does Not Give A Crap About Farting: When Us Weekly turned to Katy’s sister Angela for some inside deets, Angela was more than eager to let the mag know about Katy’s, um, gas habits. “She likes to fart a lot. Everywhere. In front of everybody. And you can print that!” Katy, I think we’ll print it too for good measure.

4.) Katy Perry She Loves To GTL: She may be a superstar, but Katy Perry has fallen under the “Jersey Shore” spell like the rest of us. Katy met Snooki at the Grammys last year and has since been mimicking Snooks’ famous accent. Wonder if she’ll start speaking her secret language soon too?

5.) Katy’s A Giver: The always-charitable Katy gives away tons of clothes, jewelry and shoes to her tour crew. Rules are rules, though, and Katy’s tour hierarchy states that backup singers and dancers get first dibs. I’m pretty sure there’s enough to go around.

Sales is now open! $9,99 – BUY your copy!

Scans: Rolling Stone Magazine (July)
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Here are the magazine scans from ‘Rolling Stone’ (July) featuring Katy Perry as cover girl. So make sure to check them out now and read the full interview.

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Katy Perry covers ‘Rolling Stone’ magazine July
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Wearing a variety of outfits, including a Hershey’s Kisses bra, animal print bikini and mesh, hot pink top, Katy posed for famed photographer Terry Richardson for the mag’s July issue. A few weeks ago we posted tons of high quality candids of Katy on the set of that photoshoot.

Check our gallery for the first photoshoot images and the cover story! You can also watch a sexy behind the scenes video. She looks completely stunning!

+ Photoshoots > 2011 > Terry Richardson [Rolling Stone]
+ Magazines & Scans > 2011 > Rolling Stone [July 2011]

‘When I was a kid, I asked questions about my faith. Now I’m asking questions about the world’

In the new issue of Rolling Stone, on stands and in the digital archive on June 24th, Katy Perry takes contributing editor Erik Hedegaard backstage at the kick-off of her California Dreams Tour. Between the elaborate rehearsals and three-hour make-up sessions, Perry reveals that she’s recently undergone a political awakening. “It just feels like the thing running our country is a bank, money,” she says. “I know it sounds like an intense viewpoint, but I’m only slowly but surely getting the wool taken off my eyes. When I was a kid, I asked questions about my faith. Now I’m asking questions about the world.”

She continues: “I think we are largely in desperate need of revolutionary change in the way our mindset is. Our priority is fame, and people’s wellness is way low. I saw this knowing full well that I’m a part of the problem. I’m playing the game, though I am trying to reroute. Anyway, not to get all politically divulging and introspective, but the fact that America doesn’t have free health care drives me fucking absolutely crazy, and is so wrong.”

It took Perry a while to learn to embrace her body. “I started praying for [breasts] when I was, like, 11,” she says. “And God answered that prayer above and beyond, by, like, 100 times, until I was like, ‘Please, stop, God. I can’t see my feet anymore. Please stop!’ I was a lot more rectangular then. I didn’t understand my body. Someone in sixth grade called me ‘Over-the-shoulder boulder holder.’ I didn’t know I could use them. So, what I did was, I started taping them down. How long did I tape them down for? Probably until I was about 19. And, no, I don’t have any psychological pain because of it.”

• Perry is the first artist to ever have at least one song ranked in the top ten of the Billboard Hot 100 for a full year – but she remains a polarizing figure. “Whenever people ask me about having bad reviews, I’m like, ‘Have you seen the run I’ve had? Have you see the numbers?'” she says. “Numbers do not lie!” At the same time, she recognizes the limitations of pop music. “I’m not a dummy,” she says. “I know ‘California Gurls’ isn’t going to save the world. But I got a lot of heart from my upbringing and I put a lot of heart in my songs.”

• She’s recently become obsessed with the History Channel show Ancient Aliens. “Oh my God,” she says. “When it talks about the sky people , how everyone comes from the sky and how the Pyramids were used for star observations, it’s too much for me. It all seems to connect the dots. It’s blowing my mind.”


Pick your copy – the magazine hits newstands June 24th!

Katy Perry graces Canada’s FASHION magazine summer 2011
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Katy is the upcoming cover girl for the Canadian magazine FASHION summer 2011 to hit newsstands on May 22nd. In the cover story she talks about her upcoming Canada’s concert tour and how much she will be thankful to Canada!

Make sure to pick your copy! Click the banner to view them HQ cover.

+ Magazines & Scans > 2011 > Fashion [Summer 2011]

Katy Perry voted as FHM world’s sexiest woman!
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She’s topped FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women in the world! Last year she was at #37 but now she’s the winner beating supermodels, actresses & singers. Congratulations to Katy for being the world’s sexiest woman! We’re so proud.

+ Appearances > 2011 > Posing with her ‘FHM Top 100 Sexiest Women of World’ in Australia – May
+ Magazines & Scans > 2011 > FHM [Top 100 Sexiest Women of World] – June


International pop superstar Katy Perry has topped FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2011 poll coming in at Number 1. The award-winning singer took first place from Australia’s own Jennifer Hawkins, who has been entrenched in the top 10 since 2005, and Miranda Kerr, who topped the 2010 list.

Perry, who was on tour in Australia, received over 5000 votes, with Hawkins and Kerr receiving slightly over and under 4000 votes respectively. Despite recently giving birth to her first child, Kerr attracted almost as many votes in 2011 as she did in 2010. This year’s poll attracted more than 150,000 votes for more than 700 women.

Read more…

Pictures: ‘Vanity Fair’ magazine scans in HQ
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The amazing ‘Vanity Fair’ scans are now available in our gallery. Katy looks outstanding as i never seen before! Click the banner or the thumbnails below for more.

+ Magazines & Scans > 2011 > Vanity Fair [June]

Katy Perry covers ‘Vanity Fair’ magazine (June 2011)
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Check out the upcoming Katy Perry cover shoot for June’s issue of ‘Vanity Fair’ magazine. She was photographed by Annie Leibovitz and we can’t wait till this awesome photoshoot comes out! Click the banner to view the HQ cover and make sure to read a part of the cover story..

+ Magazine Scans > 2011 > Vanity Fair [June]

My career is like an artichoke,” Katy Perry tells Vanity Fair contributing editor Lisa Robinson. “People might think that the leaves are tasty and buttered up and delicious, and they don’t even know that there’s something magical hidden at the base of it. There’s a whole other side [of me] that people didn’t know existed.”

Perry, who tells Robinson that she wants her ashes shot out over the Santa Barbara coast in a firework, reveals that one side of her she has definitively left behind is her born-again upbringing. “I didn’t have a childhood,” she says, adding that her mother never read her any books except the Bible, and that she wasn’t allowed to say “deviled eggs” or “Dirt Devil.” Perry wasn’t even allowed to listen to secular music and relied on friends to sneak her CDs. “Growing up, seeing Planned Parenthood, it was considered like the abortion clinic,” she tells Robinson. “I was always scared I was going to get bombed when I was there…. I didn’t know it was more than that, that it was for women and their needs. I didn’t have insurance, so I went there and I learned about birth control.”

“I think sometimes when children grow up, their parents grow up,” Perry says of her evangelical-minister parents. “Mine grew up with me. We coexist. I don’t try to change them anymore, and I don’t think they try to change me. We agree to disagree. They’re excited about [my success]. They’re happy that things are going well for their three children and that they’re not on drugs. Or in prison.” Perry’s mother confirms that she is proud of her daughter’s success, telling Robinson, “The Lord told us when I was pregnant with her that she would do this.”

“I come from a very non-accepting family, but I’m very accepting,” Perry says of her religious beliefs as an adult. “Russell is into Hinduism, and I’m not [really] involved in it. He meditates in the morning and the evening; I’m starting to do it more because it really centers me. [But] I just let him be him, and he lets me be me.” Perry says she didn’t stick with the mold growing up. “I have always been the kid who’s asked ‘Why?’ In my faith, you’re just supposed to have faith. But I was always like…why?” she says. “At this point, I’m just kind of a drifter. I’m open to possibility…. My sponge is so big and wide and I’m soaking everything up and my mind has been radically expanded. Just being around different cultures and people and their opinions and perspectives. Just looking into the sky.”

Of her marriage to Russell Brand, Perry says that there is “never a dull moment” and that Brand has “never lied to me once. I trust him; there’s just a level of trust that we’ve built up.” When asked about the infamous photo Brand tweeted of her without makeup in the middle of the night, Perry laughs it off. “We were just messing around,” she says, “I didn’t really care. I mean, when I go to rehearsals I look like that. I’m every woman. It takes a village to make me who I am…. You don’t have to wake up looking like, you know, Gisele.”

“The press is just not your friend when it comes to a marriage,” Perry explains of her need for privacy in her relationship with Brand. “That’s why we didn’t sell the pictures of our wedding, and we got offered millions of dollars for them, millions.” Why not take the money and give it to charity? Robinson asks. “Well, I can always do that later for something else; maybe if I have a child,” Perry says. “But I’ve seen too much of it with other people—it’s the wrong kind of attention. It detracts from the reason why you exist. We wanted that moment to ourselves.”

After ultimately showing a clip of her wedding video at the Grammys, Perry tells Robinson she did it “because I felt the moment was right and not forced. Russell and I had time to savor our moment privately first and then share it with people when we were ready, and not for a paycheck. I loved the idea, because I thought it was beautiful and artistically accompanied the song I wrote for him. Plus, it was Valentine’s eve!”

Perry talks to Robinson about the controversy surrounding her early hit “I Kissed a Girl,” saying she thinks the song worked because “finally someone was singing about something that existed. But it really was [meant to be] fun; there was no agenda.” Perry admits she didn’t discuss it honestly at first because a couple of “sleazy” male journalists made her uncomfortable. “So I said no, I hadn’t experienced it, even though I had, because I didn’t like where the guys were taking the interviews.”

Perry is adamant that, regardless of what else is going on in her life, her music should be her main draw to her fans: “I don’t care what people say about my relationship; I don’t care what they say about my boobs. People are buying my songs; I have a sold-out tour. I’m getting incredible feedback from my music.” But despite her immense fame, Perry never forgets what it took to get to where she is. “I don’t take anything for granted,” she says. “There are 500 other girls right behind me. And I know that, because I was one of them. I remember what it’s like to be someone who’s always trying to get there—sending out tons of e-mails … trying to connect with some person who could connect me with some other person. And I wouldn’t be working at this pace now if I didn’t truly know that fame is fleeting.”

“If the core, the honesty, my story, isn’t working, then all those bells and whistles aren’t going to work, either,” Perry says of staying focused on her music. “Sometimes I can be distracted by the glamour and the fabulousness. But my husband always reminds me to keep the core intact…. I just think I have to appreciate every day, every opportunity, work hard, and continue to evolve as an artist. I already know my future evolution, where I’m going to go. I mean, I’m touring in fucking Indonesia, for crying out loud.”

The June issue of Vanity Fair hits newsstands in New York and L.A. on Thursday, May 5 and nationally and on the iPad on Tuesday, May 10.