Video: Katy Perry modeling for “GHD” Scarlet campaign
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GHD has released a new behind the scenes video with Katy Perry. The campaign, shot by renowned photographer David Chapelle, starred Perry dressed up as “Snow White with a twist”. Watch it above!

Katy Perry for “Rocks Holiday Eyes” by Troy Jensen
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When I got the call to glam Pop Princess Katy Perry I was so excited. She was sweet, fun and loves make up. Her hair cut was so hot and edgy. Cut by star hair stylist Chris McMillan the Salon. I wanted to created a make up look that was as edgy yet still pretty. I gave Katy a flawless, matte complexion. Sheer peach cheeks and a soft pink lip, So that all the focus went to her bright captivating eyes.

– Troy Jensen’s Facebook.

New “InStyle” magazine outtakes
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Many thanks to the cutie for sharing new amazing outtakes taken by Jenny Gage and Tom Betterton for “InStyle” magazine october’s issue with Katy as covergirl. She looks outstanding! Check them out.

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Photoshoot: Mary Ellen Matthews for Saturday Night Live
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Visit our gallery to view some beautiful photoshoot pictures taken by Mary Ellen Matthews for Saturday Night Live! Katy looks stunning.

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GHD releases ‘Scarlet Collection’ starring Katy Perry
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In celebration of its 10th birthday, ghd is releasing the ‘Scarlet Collection,’ which will see the brand transform its iconic straightener into one with red plates and accents.

The campaign, shot by renowned photographer David Chapelle, stars global ambassador Katy Perry dressed up as “Snow White with a twist” (pictured above).

“The Show White fire escape look was really cool,” said Perry. “It was very peachy. I was wearing a John Galliano dress. David LaChapelle is known for his beautiful, larger-than-life sets, and the people that he works with are very talented – they make the picture look like a billion bucks. There were lots of little birds hanging around so I felt like a princess, like Snow White, and I was singing and talking to the birds as they fluttered around me.”

Wardrobe stylist Johnny Wujek explained that he dressed Perry in accordance with her hairstyle.

“There’s a dark, vampy, witchy Snow White where’s she’s got a short bob, so for that we went for the long, sexy gown, very tight-fitted,” said Wujek. “The other one was more innocent, feminine, very soft pastels and pinks, so it’s a contrast.”

Perry’s hair, which is carefully styled in a series of voluminous finger waves, was inspired by “the revelry and glamour of the roaring 20s,” according to the brand.

“I liked the hair – it’s super frizzy,” said Perry. “I’ve done that type of frizzy hair before for some posters for the MTV Europe Music Awards when I hosted them for the second time – I wore the same kind of frizzy hair. I really liked it.”

Behind the scenes of Katy Perry’s “InStyle” photoshoot
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Behind the scenes video: Katy Perry goes sexy for ‘Maxim’ magazine 2010
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Back in 2010, Katy did an outstanding photoshoot with the famed photog. Yu Tsai for December’s issue of ‘Maxim’ magazine. Check out the behind the scenes video recently revealed, sooo gorgeous!

Click here for pictures!

‘Seventeen’ magazine outtakes by Kenneth Willardt
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We’ve added 25 new beautiful unseen photoshoot outtakes of Katy taken by Kenneth Willardt for ‘Seventeen’ magazine 2009. Cute!

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New Yu Tsai outtakes for ‘Maxim’ magazine
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I’ve added some new beautiful outtakes taken by Yu Tsai for ‘Maxim’ magazine 2010, Katy looks stunning! Check them out by clicking the thumbnails below:

+ Photoshoots > 2010 > Yu Tsai [Maxim]

Click here for the HQ version!

New Katy Perry photoshoot
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I’ve added a new beautiful photo session of Katy from yesterday’s interview with ‘Good Morning America’. She looks so cute! Check them out.

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