Russell Brand Discusses Rumors About His Marriage
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This epically funny man addressed rumors about splitting with his wife, Katy Perry. They’re staying together ’til death do they part, but then Russell turned the tables on Ellen and came up with 5 rumors he’s heard about her!

Don’t believe on everything you read around the web! Katy and Russell are still strong.

Katy Perry’s Jakarta performance a ‘Hoax’
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A highly anticipated event featuring pop diva Katy Perry has been canceled due to “technical reasons,” organizers said in a statement on Tuesday, but a source said the festival was a fraud.

Promotion company Berlian Entertainment said last month that the singer as well as Big Bang and Brown Eyed Girls of South Korea would light up the Jakarta International Teen Music Festival on Saturday. But according to event organizer Image Dynamics, the promoter had scrapped the show.

Sources at the promoter’s office said they had been duped by a man who claimed to be able to deliver the US pop star.

“This man is pretty convincing because he said he would take care of everything. We found out later that the whole event [was] in his imagination.”

The source said the company would not press charges, but added that the man had once been jailed for spreading a terror hoax.