Katy Perry reaches 12 million followes on Twitter
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Follow @katyperry and @katyperryNET on twitter.

To warm up “The One That Got Away” – Check out some amazing fan covers!
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The day is coming. Tomorrow Katy Perry’s “The One That Got” premieres on The Ellen DeGeneres show as well as on VEVO at 4pm, then we’ve decived to give you guys a little warming up! Are you ready for TOTGA? We’re getting yet…

Watch below awesome fan covers we have selected to celebrate until the premiere tomorrow and make sure to let us know what’s your favorite!

Ebony Day’s cover

Sami and Sasha’s cover

Isis’s cover

Gerald’s cover

Maddi Saward’s cover

Eriel’s cover

Cash Helman’s cover

Capitol Street Team launches ‘The One That Got Away’ online project
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Katy Perry’s latest single “The One That Got Away” is bumping through stereo speakers all over the world! To help spread the word about her new single, we’ve launched a brand new online project! Lets tell the world by sharing the link provided in Step 2 all over the Internet.

Share the link on Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, blogs and message boards (anywhere you think this video would be appreciated) by clicking on “Share This” in Step 2 below. Once you’ve posted your share link, take a screenshot of what you’ve done and submit your screen shot and a link to where you posted (ie. your twitter page, facebook page, blog link, etc.). The first link we will share is a Glee “First Look” link featuring Darren Criss of Glee. You will need to share this link to as many sites and people as possible between now and November 4th. On November 4th, we will be sharing a new link!

To reward the person who shares their links the most, we’ve opened the Katy Perry vaults to put together a ONE-OF-A-KIND prize which includes:

First Prize:
A vinyl copy of Teenage Dream, One Of The Boys, and the UR So Gay EP, CD singles for “UR So Gay”, “I Kissed A Girl”, “Hot N Cold”, “Waking Up In Vegas”, “Thinking of You”, “California Gurls”, “Teenage Dream”, “E.T.” and “Firework, four posters and a locker calendar from the One Of The Boys album promotions, ten posters from the Teenage Dream album promotions including a movie poster from “E.T.” and “Teenage Dream”, a “Teenage Dream” and “Firework” window cling, a “California Gurls” folding fan, “E.T.” mask, two pink Katy Perry stickers, one “California Gurls” sticker, a Katy Perry pillow from Katy’s Good Morning America performance, a pair of signed star-shaped sunglasses,a special edition Teenage Dream box with a copy of the CD and a t-shirt, a “Thinking of You” Christmas card, two cherry chapsticks, AND… a giant blue and white lollipop from the set of Katy’s “California Gurls” music video!

Here’s what qualifies as a completed post: Once you’ve posted a link using Step 2 of the project, you must report back to the project page with (1) a screen shot of the page where you’ve posted the link with the link in the screenshot, (2) a link to the site where you’ve posted the link, and (3) a description of where the link was posted (example: “this link was posted on a local band’s forum”). You must complete those three items for each of your posts for them to be counted as complete. To be considered for the prize, you must submit at least 5 completed posts for EACH link we share. Once the project has ended, the project manager will take a few days verify all posts to determine the winners.

Tips for posting:
-Do NOT spam bulletin boards and forum
-Do NOT sign up for a site and have your first post be about a band. People do not like that and you will probably be banned.
-Instead, add the link as your “signature”!! Then spend a couple minutes genuinely replying to posts. By doing this, you become an active member of the forum PLUS every post you do will show the link without it looking like spam. Plus, it’s fun and you might make some new friends :)
-Please make sure to post in the right threads. If a forum has a thread for music, post the link there, not in the sports or food thread!

If you need help thinking up some places or just have questions, tweet or email @StreetTeamCheli and of course she will help you.


Request, purchase & support “The One That Got Away” on iTunes and radio stations. Click here!

Happy 27th birthday, Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson – Katy Perry!!
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Today, our princess turns 27 years old and Katy-Perry.net would LOVE to wish a very happy birthday!


Tweet HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATY along with http://www.happybirthdaykatyperry.com/ to @katyperry!

Katy-Perry.net presents – HappyBirthdayKatyPerry.com
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One more day until Katy Perry’s 27th birthday and we’re glad to present you our new HOTsite – www.happybirthdayKATYPERRY.com – where all fans will leave their birthday wishes to our princess, turning 27 tomorrow, October 25th.

Here’s the deal.. Tomorrow (October 25) after leaving your birthday wish, tweet HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATY along with the link http://www.happybirthdaykatyperry.com to her official twitter account, then she might be able to see all the messages submitted! Sounds good? So what are you waiting for?

Leave your message at,

{ happybirthdayKATYPERRY.com

Happy Birthday Rogger!
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I would like to wish our dedicated webmaster and my good friend Rogger a very very happy birthday!! Thank you so much for being a part of the site and helping making it what it is today! I really hope you have a lot of fun today with tons of gifts and you get everything you wish for in your life. Let all your dreams come true! Happy Birthday!!

Katy-Perry.net is now available in Portuguese!
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We’ve decided to stay 24 hours connected with you guys! Pleasure to announce that Katy-Perry.net is now teamed up with PortalKatyPerry.com – the biggest and most popular Katy Perry fansite in Brazil bringing all the recent news, pictures & more about the ‘California Gurls’ songstress. So make sure to visit portalkatyperry.com if you didn’t understand english.


Quick News: Sunday, March 6 – 2011
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• Another promotional picture from Katy Perry’s upcoming cosmic music video has been released! WOOW. You can also view a HQ picture by clicking here.

• Still talking about “E.T.”, the version without Kanye West debuted on iTunes at #88 this week while the single version (with Kanye) landed at #5! We’re speechless but still amazed cause Katy is the first artist to have two differents version on iTunes. Congratulations to her!!

• The nominees for Kids Choice Awards 2011 were announced. Katy is nominated for two categories: Favorite Female Singer and Favorite Song with ‘California Gurls’. Click here to vote for her!

• We have updated some gallery albums as well! Follow the updates by clicking the thumbnails below:

Enjoy! ;)

Welcome To Version 4 Of Katy-Perry.Net
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As you may have noticed, the new layout for the site has been put online and we hope you love it as much as we do. It was designed by my very good friend Tori and coded by myself. We went for something E.T. themed as it is Katy’s fourth and latest single from the amazing…ness that is Teenage Dream. The song, which now features Kanye West is available to download from iTunes. If you have already downloaded it please gift it to everyone and anyone including your Grandmother.

I should probably introduce myself, I’m James. I have helped João & Rogger with the site behind the scenes for a long long time and only recently have decided to officially join the team. I love Katy and can’t wait to see her on tour in April. I hope I can help make the site even bigger and better than it already is. I’ll be posting news, updating the gallery and posting on Twitter so as always, if you have any questions just ask us @KatyPerryNet.

I also run another site on someone who might be a familiar name for Katy fans… Marina And The Diamonds. I started Marina-Diamandis.Net last year after João introduced me to her & I have loved her ever since. Katy is also a fan and now Marina will be supporting her on selected dates of the California Dreams tour this summer. So if you are already a fan, or a new fan or even not a fan I still hope you check it out and like it. Thanks.

Katy-Perry.net wishes you a Happy New Year!
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Have a lot of fun, guys! HAPPY NEW YEAR, happy 2011.

Huugggggs from;
Rogger & João.